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Terms of Use

The CULTURe EXchange Platform Terms of Use ("Agreement")

This Agreement was last modified on April 1, 2014.


Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using http://www.cultur-exp.eu (hereinafter the "Site") operated by the CULTURe EXchange Platform (hereinafter "we"). This Agreement sets forth the legally binding terms and conditions for your use of the Site at http://www.cultur-exp.eu.



1.1 Acceptance of Terms of Use

By accessing the Site and its use you acknowledge to fulfill the conditions for quality User defined in Article 2 below, have read these Terms of Use (hereinafter "Terms") and agree to abide unreservedly.

Access to the Site and its use and that of the Service it provides is described in section 1.2 below. If you refuse to comply with any of the obligations and conditions contained in the Terms, you are prompted not to access the Site and not to use it.

CULTURe EXchange Platform has the discretion to update this Terms. When we do, we will revise the updated date at the top of this document. We encourage Users to frequently check this page for any changes to stay informed about how we are helping to protect the personal information we collect. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this Terms periodically and become aware of modifications.
You enter into a contractual Agreement with us governed by this Terms.


1.2 Description and purpose of the Site

The Site is a dedicated culture information site which allows you to search contacts, organisations, other sites, and all kinds of relevant information demanded by artists and cultural professionals as well as to upload your profile web page(s).

The Site is a community site that lets you share your work, suggestions for project collaboration, information and data.

To this end, you must create a user account.

Your registration on the Site allows you to make comments in the Forum and notes in the Library of the content published by other Users.

The publication of photographs, videos, texts, audio, etc, in the site is governed by the Agreement.  

If you are not registered, you can still see content and information published and made available by Users, without being able to issue an opinion, or distribute content on the Site.

A search engine available on the Site allows you to search the content within the site.

It is also possible for a User to contact another User through the "private message" function. 



2.1 Quality User

To become a User, you must have reached the legal age and / or have the capacity to enter into a contract within the meaning of European and National laws, as outlined in Copyright Directive on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society (2001/29/EC - 22.05.2001) and to have accepted the Agreement Terms without reservation.

To receive the Service, you must first register by completing the registration form (hereinafter referred to as "Form" or "Registration Form"). By completing this form and clicking "Register" bottom , you acknowledge that you have read the Terms and agree to submit unconditionally.

Alternatively, to simplify entering your registration data, import from your Facebook, Google or Linkedin accounts is possible, using the functionality provided for this purpose on the Site. 

You warrant that the information you provide by filling in the form is accurate, true and current.

We can inspect the information entered when registering and we reserve the right to cease providing Service that violates the Terms of this Agreement.

In the event that you provide:

  • False, inaccurate content.
  • If you are not the creator of the content then you cannot upload the information.
  • If the material is copyrighted to others (e.g. soundtrack, painting, photographs, text, or any other copyrighted content not created by you), and you do not have proven permission to upload it.

We are in no way be liable for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies, which can be found in the information and content you have provided.


Article 2.2 User Account and Password

When you register, you must choose a password and a login that will allow you to access the service. These data are confidential and only you will know it. The password you have chosen is encrypted and even Site administrators cannot discover them.

You agree to only register under one username and password, which is your "Means of identification".

You are solely responsible for any use that may be made, and only guarantee of confidentiality, and any use of your account. You can change at any time your password and user information by clicking on the links provided for this purpose in your profile.

You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account, and any breach of confidentiality and security of your Means of identification by email at contact@cultur-exp.eu.

If you forget your Means of identification or detect unauthorised use thereof by a third party, please let us know without delay. A new password will be generated automatically and will be sent by email to the address you specified during registration.

We cannot under any circumstances be liable for any loss or damage arising from your use of the Site nor failure to comply with obligations set out in this article. Insofar as your Means of identification would have reached the hands of others through your actions, you would be solely responsible for any use of your Means of identification and use of the Service made on this basis.



3.1 Areas of contribution and sharing available through the Site

Pursuant to Article 1.2 above, you can via contributing areas, publish online texts, hyperlinks, addresses or and example of you work and other information, comments, opinions, or other messages.

You agree that your publications are performed in strict compliance with EU and your local laws and regulations and the Terms of this contractual Agreement.


3.2 Administration Spaces Contributive and moderation

We are not involved in uploads or "posts" that you perform on the Site. It is therefore your responsibility to comply with the provisions of the Terms of this contractual Agreement. We assume no liability for the quality and legal compliance of the content, whoever they may be disseminated by.

You acknowledge that we only assure storage of content and information you post; we do not intervene in any way in the selection of such content or information.

However, in the interest of all, we can control subsequent uploads  and we reserve the right to remove in whole or in part, any message that would constitute a violation of the Terms or spirit these stipulations as well as legal and regulatory provisions in force.

We also reserve the right to exclude, at our discretion, Users who violate the rules established by the Terms and delete all mailings or suspend access.

We may, at our discretion and without notice, remove all or part messages or photographs, videos, etc. placed on the Site (but not limited to):

- Have no connection with the subject of CULTUR-EXP;

- Contain racist, sexist or homophobic remarks;

- Constitute harassment towards others;

- Contain defamatory, abusive or personal accusations;

- Disturb other users (such as consistently off-topic messages), may interfere with or seek to interfere with the operation of the Site or Spaces Contributive;

- Provide personal information or private information of any third party;

- Sent by impersonating another person;

- Use coarse language;

- May be prohibited to minors or pornographic;

- Break the law or expose means to commit illegal activities;

- Violate local law or EU regulations governing online content;

- Otherwise violate the provisions of the Terms of this contractual Agreement.



You are solely responsible for your use of the Service and the Site and your use of the information and data it contains.

Accordance with the provisions of Article 2.2 above, you are solely responsible for the use made of your account and confidentiality of your Identification methods.

All hardware and software necessary to access the Site and use of the Service are solely your responsibility. It is your responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect your personal data and / or software from contamination by viruses.

You are solely and fully responsible for all content (texts, images, photos, videos, clips, hyperlinks or other content), information, comments, opinions or other messages you create, post, transmit or distribute on the Site or through the Service.

You are also solely responsible for us and against third parties for any damages, direct or indirect, of any nature whatsoever caused by any content, information, commentary, advice or any other message that you have published, broadcast or transmitted on the Site or through the Service, and any failure to any terms of this Agreement. 

In particular, you warrant that you have all necessary rights to the publication, distribution and transmission, on the Site or through the Service, any content, information, comments, opinions or other chosen by you or selected messages, or more generally you are at the origin of the broadcast.

You are, as such, solely responsible for the dissemination by you through the Site or Service, stored on third party websites, including through hypertext links of any kind and content, in particular, insertion links.

You are the sole judge of the adequacy and relevance of the content, information, comments, opinions and other available on the Site or through the Service and you force yourself accordingly to use the Site and the Service with messages discernment and bear the associated risks. Thus, the use of content, information, comments, opinions, or other messages of any kind available via the Site and the Service is at your own risk.



We provide storage of digital files of content, information, comments, hyperlinks and other messages posted by Users on the Site, as well as an intermediary between users.

We do not exercise a priori control and have no general obligation to monitor data and content, comments, ratings, hyperlinks or other messages provided by Users or obligation to delete content, information or other material that does not seem unlawful, notwithstanding his/her description.

Accordingly, we can not under any circumstances see our commitment to storage and / or dissemination, through us, contents, information, comments, opinions or other messages of any kind responsibility whatsoever Users decide publish, broadcast or transmit through the Site or the Service, particularly in violation of their obligations stipulated in Articles 3.

We are not responsible for the content of third party websites which refer to the hyperlinks on the Site or available through the Service.

We shall not be liable for any reproduction, distribution, sale or other use of all types published by Users on the Site by other parties without our prior written permission content.

Due to the unique nature of the Internet, access to the Site may be interrupted or restricted for reasons beyond our control. In this case, our liability will be sought. No liability cannot be held liable for interruption of access to the Site due to maintenance, updates or technical improvements.

You are also informed that e-commerce Services accessible via the Site are provided by third party providers and not by us. In fact, these services are only available through the Site or the Service by means of hyperlinks leading directly or indirectly to third-party sites to those providers. As a result, these services are governed solely by the terms and conditions and / or special sales and / or use of the sites in question, and the only contractual relationship likely to develop in the context of the use of these sites binds you to provider(s) or operator(s) of said sites. Accordingly, we can not under any circumstances be liable in any capacity whatsoever, access to these sites and / or their use by you, or the consequences of these acts, including for the acquisition of goods or services via these sites.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and to the extent that we would be held responsible for damage not covered in this article of this Agreement, our liability shall be limited to direct damages, some real and established.



We are in accordance with the rules relating to intellectual property, owner's of the Site, both in its technical components as graphics, text, ergonomics, navigation or other subject, only content and messages provided by users themselves.

The Service is provided by means of software, algorithms and databases designed and / or developed and / or used by us, which belong to us or to which we have rights.

Use of the Site and the Service gives no right to the Users of any of the items listed in this section, subject to the rights relating to content supplied by users themselves.

By accepting the Terms, you acknowledge our intellectual property rights and you agree to comply.

We grant you a non-exclusive, personal and nontransferable license to use the Site and the Service, and the data they contain, for your personal use in accordance with the Terms.



The treatment of personal data implemented as part of the use of the Site and the Service is in accordance with the law of  Copyright directive 2001/29 (paragraph 57); and Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995.

All personal data you transmit or collected through the use of the Site and the Service are legally and fairly collected.

Registration Form on the Site allows you to subscribe to the Service by contacting certain personal data about you. The compulsory or optional nature of the responses mentioned in the Registration Form. In case it is a response to binding, the reply will result in the absence of processing your application.

Under the Data Protection Act (Directive 95/46/EC) you have a right of access, rectification and deletion of personal data processed about you through the Site, and the right to object for good cause communication these data to third parties.

You can access, modify and update the personal data about you by visiting the Site in the "Profile" tab Edit profile. You can exercise these rights by writing to the following address contact@cultur-exp.eu.

The Site may contain cookies. Cookies are used to help customize your access to the Service.

In particular, the Site includes a login cookie for you, if you wish, repeatedly access the Site without having to log in each time.

Cookies are without damage to your computer. You are free to accept or decline cookies by configuring your browser. Cookies are anonymous and are in no way used to collect personal data, but only for connection and statistics.

You may be able to receive permanent cookies from advertisers on the Site. We do not control these cookies from third parties.

We take steps to ensure that your personal data collected through the Site is not lost or misused, or accessed, modified by unauthorized third parties.



If you believe that any content published on the Site, violates your rights, please let us know immediately. We will investigate all complaints carefully and remedy our discretion to offenses recorded by removing the content in question.

So if you know of a present content published on the Site or through the Service and may constitute an apology for crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, incitement to violence, the dignity human, contain child pornography, or reveal illegal activity of gambling, you should notify us of the content through the reporting procedure. In addition, you can notify us of any message or clearly illegal content such as infringing the rights of others (intellectual property rights, right to the name, image, privacy, etc.).

The notification shall follow the procedure described below:  

  1. Identify and accurately locate the disputed content on the Site (indicating the specific URL), if any, attach to your notice a screen such content mentioning this location, the authenticity and date must be accurate capture and verifiable;
  2. Explain actually why, in your view, the contested content violates these rights or regulations and, where appropriate, justify the fact;
  3. Indicate your identity and contact information so we can contact you easily (e-mail address, mailing address, phone number);
  4. Add the following declaration: "I declare that the foregoing is true and understand that any false statement exposes me to criminal penalties";
  5. Send the signed written communication to:  contact@cultur-exp.eu.

We will review your request and the content which we have reported in this way. The removal or suspension of access to content is at our discretion, we are indeed free to determine whether the content posted this manifestly unlawful, or not. We will contact you if necessary.



The Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period after acceptance of Terms manifested by validating your registration.

We can suspend your right and access to the Site and the Service and, where appropriate, terminate this Agreement as of right and without prior notice, in case of serious or repeated breach of your obligations to respect legislation and / or Articles 3 of the Terms, regardless of all damages to which we might aspire.

Termination of this Agreement (including that resulting from unsubscribing) will result in making your account inaccessible, the active use of the Service is reserved to registered users.

All data constituting your profile will no longer be available online to anyone after such termination.

As of the termination, personal data relating to the Agreement and your old account will be retained by us for a period of one (1) year. At the expiration of this period, all data will be deleted from our database.



The terms of the Agreement constitute the entire agreement between the parties relating to their subject.

In the event that any provision of this Agreement is unlawful, void or unenforceable by a court or authority of any kind whatsoever, the validity of the remaining provisions hereof shall not be affected.



This Agreement (and any further rules, polices, or guidelines incorporated by reference) shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of EU, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law.